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Originally Posted by Jumper5392

Can't believe how much water is coming down the creek. Check it out.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Yeah, on the ride out I was thinging about takeing the Beast out into it for a more dramatice shot. I thought better of it when I got there.

Speaking of the ride out. When we started out the sky was cloudy, but there was no rain and the roads were dry. Well a couple of miles from home it started to mist and then it started to pour. I pulled over and put on the Frogg Toggs. We discussed heading for home, but heck we have ridden in the rain before and we didnt get up at oh dark thirty for nothing.

So beside the rain all was well until we reach the twisty seciton of 227. The Beast started to buck, snort and bog down. Shit, I thought, its dark, raining cats and dogs, and there is no shoulder. This is not a good place to break down.

But it held together, until almost the last turn down to the tag site. Then it coughed and died. Poop. I pulled over and started looking for the problem. Turned out water was getting into the plug covers.

We again talking about giving up. The missus still had cell coverage at that point but I wasnt so about the rest of the journey. But we were so close we werent going to give up now. Besides it was all down hill from there. We could have coasted down. Although getting back out would have been a bitch. So I dried out the covers and we kept going and finally made it.

The beast quit twice more on the way back. I decided to take the main roads through Albertville rather than the scenic ride through Guntersville Park. I stopped under a gas station awning, pulled the plugs caps and dried them out. Took a while as about 47 people, including the town costabulary came over to ask about the bike. I finally got the caps dried out and taped up to prevent further occurances. No more problems all the way home.

Turned out the plug caps were dry rotted bad. They were falling about as I was trying to dry them out. Dumm ass me. I had seen it coming and have a new set of covers back in the garage. Just hadnt put them on as the beast had been running like a champ (for a Ural) up to then.

Guess I have a new project.

This has been great fun. Looking forward to more chases.

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