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Originally Posted by mcnut
I believe many if not most 276c (now 5yrs old?) owners would have already upgraded at least once and some twice if there had been new generation units with the functionality they desire. I suspect some may have been forced to replaced older units that have died with the same thing as nothing newer was available.
Not necessarily.

I own a 376c and a 60csx. While the 376 is almost 3 years old, I bought the 60csx specifically for what it could do.

While the Garmin cards are a slight negative, all the other features of the x76 series and 478 work so much better for off road, and back road adventuring that the Zumo and new 6 series pale in comparison, IMHO.

I have the ability, but certainly not the desire to "upgrade". What I have are the best tools for the job at this point.

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