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Originally Posted by xdbx
Hey Craig... newER 950 look, and newER year.

I'm still anxiously waiting for that report on the rear Kings tire!

Wow, you sure dug this out of the basement.

I've been a bit busy w/ making parts and all, finishing and updating threads has unfortunately fallen behind.

I've got some new stuff in the works over the winter months and will show them when I get everything done.

"O8" had been a great year for riding the 950 and this bike sure has grown on me. It really can do just about anything. 43,000 miles on the ticker and hope to add many more this season.

The weather in WI has not been very good for safe riding in my neck of the woods. I've not ridden it in over 2 months now, but during that time it has been given a few upgrades. Yesterday I finally got a chance to get back on a bike. I hit the ICE on Petrie's 560 SMR, first time on the ice.....WOW that is different, but so much fun. Thanks for the ride Wayne.

As for the KINGS Rear tires. I kind of lost track of how many miles I have on it. I've swapped tires around for trips and trail riding, but I'd guess at least 5,000 miles so far. It might have another 1,000 in her, but not much more. I held up pretty good for the price. I did get a few cracks at the base of the nobs. In the rain I scorp is better, I'd say this is really close to the TKC. Off road, KINGS is just as good as the TKC. When doing aggressive offroad stuff (rocks, sand), the TKC is about done after 1,500-2,000 miles. The KINGS easily last that long, maybe a bit longer. It's a harder compound tire. If they made a 150 size KINGS rear, that would be great.

I've run both 140 and 150 TKC's and I'm comparing this to the 140 TKC so far. Normally my TKC's after toast after 5,000 miles, but I have pushed them 7,000 when all I needed to do what freeway. A slick rear is not good in the rain. Once they go bald there is still a bit of rubber left before the cords show. Maybe 500-1,000 miles worth.

For general touring use 150 TKC and Scorp has more road grip than the KINGS. The KINGS mounted on a 4.25" rear rim is not the best and you end up w/ a pretty flat profile. There are no chicken strips on the tires.

On the freeway the KINGS gave a smooth ride similar to the Scorp. The purpose of this tire test was to see if the Kings could replace the Scorp as my general use tire setup.

Yes, this tire will work well for me. If I have a 3-4,000 mile DS-road trip planned I'll be mounting one of these. I have not tried the front yet, but plan to in the spring. If you are someone that goes through tires often give these a try. Please report back to what you think.
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