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Originally Posted by storymitchell
I belong to a vintage BMW club, and recently one of the members was reminising about a buddy that "GSed" a /5 back in the late 70s. Apparently there is a Suzuki dirt bike front end that is a perfect match for a /5 steering head. Has anybody here heard of this? I'm looking for a winter project, and I'm either going chop a /5 or /6, or "GS" one. Any thoughts on the process of GSing a /5 would be greatly appreciated.

The front is easy. Just source a likely front and tale some measurements of the steering stem and go for one that is close. You can get bearings in a host of sizes. Even better is if you can remove the stem and machine a new one to suit the frame. Longer is not necessarily better as you have to see what your max range is on the rear.

Which brings me to that: the rear can only swing so far and expect some sort of live from the u-joint. I believe this is the primary reason for the abbreviated life of the Airhead GS u-joints. If you want to get fancy, you can maybe see about adding a jackshaft and chain set up on the frame or somehow wedging a CV joint in there.

The most problematic is the wheels. Go see how many DOT dual sport tires come in the size a /5 requires. not much. so you will probably want to lace a 17 on the back and a 21 on the front. tou will also ned to make sure the tire will fit in the swingarm. Especially when it goes flat.
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