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I went and rode a very clean 97 Valkyrie yesterday. All I can say is, WOW! Just the sound alone is worth the price of admission! So heres the deal, I already have two bikes, a 91 Wing with 118,000 on the clock, so I know the flat six a bit. And a 98 KLR that I'm going to ride to Death Valley in a couple of weeks. I was messing around on Craigslist one day and found this very nice looking Valk standard, very nice. I got over to the guys house yesterday, I rode over on the Wing. That is what got me the test ride. ATGATT. First, the good: The sound, the power, oh my goodness, and it just looks badass! fun! Now what I had a problem with and I need some advice from Valk riders. The front end felt so heavy. I was riding around his neighborhood and when I would come to a stop sign or slow down to make a right turn, the front tire would really want to fall over. I know the tire is much bigger than on my Wing, does that make a difference? Is this something you get used to? When you get the bike moving above 15mph or so its great. All in all a great fun bike, I hope this something that you can get used to. Let me know Valk riders.
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