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It's all based on the kind of riding you do and your preferences. On Rallies, you dont carry panniers and you do jump a lot. On touring, you do carry panniers or a nicely constructed rack, like Luner's. But I do like Luner's approach, it seems practical, and it may accomodate the side tanks.

But maybe, a bigger tank will give you some security, being in the middle of nowhere without fuel is no joke, but trying to lift a fully loaded bike is another thing...

But believe me, this is all about experiences, opinions and preferences and being different doesnt make you wiser, better or greater...just different. We may disagree, but that doesnt mean we wont get along! Tell me! I've been married for 22 years!

This is whats all about! At the end, we all ride, no matter if it is a real scooter or a wannabe!

Originally Posted by Andy G
With the rear tanks it gets difficult to mount pannier and boxes. With fully loaded boxes the rear frame already starts feeling rather week. Then add the weight of the fuel...

The bikes (TA and AT) jump / fly / land really nice, even with full tanks, and, when you know how to do it, also with bigger tanks. But me personally, I would not go for more than 45l in a front tank.

Cheers, Andy
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