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Originally Posted by vnp514

Since we've got the snow, ice, cold, etc. still going on here, I figured I'd check my NSU on my 2002 DR. Before I do, here is what I've learned doing some searching around:

You can lay the bike on it's left side to do this procedure.

The side cover bolts are different sizes-pay attention here.

The bottom bolt is easy to get out, the upper bolt is a booger to get out. Might be able to use a box end wrench and attach a screw driver bit of the proper size to get to it.

I plan on just taking mine out for piece of mind. The only thing I won't have is the green neutral light-right??

Has anyone done any pics on this job from start to finish? Any other pointers before I start this task?


When you lay the bike on the side, either put something under the frame near the shift lever or take it off. Otherwise it will bend as it contacts the floor.

Use a piece of cardboard or similar and stick the screws in it using the layout of the clutch cover:

I recommend taking off the foot peg and rear MC so you can swing the brake pedal out of the way. Otherwise you have to take the pin out of the pedal pivot which is a bit more complicated.

If you can't access the upper NSU screw you can take the clutch off easily even if you don't have the special tool. Just put the bike in gear and block the rear wheel (I used a broom) when you take off the nut.

The rest is straight forward, get back to us if you have any questions.

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