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Originally Posted by Django Loco
No step by step on NSU repair there. Very general stuff. The real deal is HERE, on this thread ....somewhere.

Where? I have no idea!
I don't think anybody posted step by step instructions on here either. Although I do remember a blurry pic that showed the NSU.

Maybe these will help somebody anyway.

1. Unbolt everything (also the oil line) from the clutch cover. Observe the tips I posted above and swing the pedal out of the way. To remove the clutch actuating arm, you might have remove the header (my FMF is oversize and in the way). Then the cover should come off and look like this. The red arrow points to the NSU which is hidden by the clutch and the red circle is a hole that you should block with a rag so nothing falls in there. I forgot and was lucky, although you can see it in the last picture of this post.

From this angle you can see the NSU in the lower left corner:

2. If you have access to a right angle screwdriver or similar you might get the upper screw out with it. Otherwise you will have to take off the clutch. Take all the bolts out that hold the pressure plate.

3. Once you have removed them you can take off the pressure plate. You can now see the big nut. If you don't have a clutch removal tool, put the bike and gear and block the wheel so it can't turn. Bend the locking tab out of the way and take off the nut.

4. After removing the nut you can take off the clutch basket. You now have perfect access to the NSU bolts:

5. Either remove the NSU completely (you will have to cut off the cables inside the case so they still seal the opening) or loctite in the screws. I replaced them with stainless allen head bolts.

6. Check your clutch plates for wear, the specs are in the manual. Then re-assemble in reverse order. Don't let a week pass or at least take some pictures, otherwise you WILL forget the order of washer, plates etc.

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