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ahoraquemister is riding from Bogota to Buenos Aires, and he writes with color in a small font, like this:    Bogota Colombia to Buenos Aires December 17th - 2008 to January 17th - 2009!!!!!!!.

It's catchy, this mulit-color writing! Oh, he says he's too busy to link his thread himself. So now he owes me another beer.

ahoraquemister is a funny guy. He said he'd post the link... and he posted it on my Latin America! ride report. Here it is, verbatim:

ps: for the noob's out there, or for those of you who just don't know the real truth- in the old days, the world was divided into three parts: the USA, Yourup, and Outer Darkness. All of the world south of the USA was included in the "regional forum" known as Outer Darkness. Barb and I went on a little ride to Mexico. I started a ride report called "Latin America!" Soon after my awesomenest ride report, the all-powerful mods got together and got drunk and ended up naming a regional forum after my ride report.

That's the history of advrider according to me.

Bogota to Buenos Aires travel ending.

For those of you looking for some info on our trip (in the making, but ending) here is the link:

keep suscribed... in about a month well have the video out, since it was the pourpose from the beginning. We have Mb and Mb of fotage and when we come back to Colombia will start editing right away.

You can see past edited footage on:

   Bogota Colombia to Buenos Aires December 17th - 2008 to January 17th - 2009!!!!!!!

I am Charlie.

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