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Originally Posted by openboatt
I just canceled an order for just shy of 400 bucks with Southwest Moto Tires. Hereís why. After I received confirmation of my order for 3 tires, I responded with the following message:

This information is correct. Kindly do not sell my name and contact information, including my street or email address. Thank you. tjs

This is a standard request I make of anyone I do business with online and if you donít want junk mail or spam, you should too. Get a load of the response I got back from someone named blaine (sic) at Southwest Moto:

WE have been in business since Jan 1 of 2000 and have never sold, or given away any customer information. We do not store your information for future orders nor do we email you for sales or other crap. We did not solicit your business this time nor will we in the future. YOu found us, not the other way around.If you are as good as we are then you do not have to seek out business, it will find you. If you want us again , we will still be here. You will only hear from us if we hear from you first.
Thanks for your order and have a merry Christmas which is a day of celebration of the Birth of Christ.


Happy Holidays, blaine.
I'm going to have to buck the trend in putting in my two cents. I don't need anyone to kiss my ass, but I thought his reply was over the top. All he needed to do was say that he doesn't sell customer information. The part about Christ doesn't bother me at all, although I don't know why he found it necessary to add that to the email. It seems to me that a good business man should never give a customer a reason not to buy from them.

I think the bottom line is that if you own your own business then you can act however you want and if you are the customer, you can refuse to do business with whoever you don't like.
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