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Elefant on Fire.

Elefant Riders,

Three months ago my Elefant caught on fire. Yes, your heard me, CAUGHT ON FIRE. Fortunately I was pulling back in the driveway when it happened, so I was able to grab the hose and put out the burning air filters within 2 minutes. Only thing that really go tourched was the hydrolic clutch line direcltly under the frame and over the carbs.

I'm just now digging into the Fant to see what's wrong. Here's the story: The bike was still a little cold and I jumped on it to take it around the block. Coming back down the street I gave it a good amount of gas, and it made a large backfire and then started to idle really rough, almost about to dye. To try to bring it back to life I grabbed the throttle again. It immediatly jumped up to 3k RPM's and stayed their, like the throttle was stuck, I then twisted the throttle again thinking maybe I could unstick and it immediatly stuck at 6k RPM's. At that point I gave it up and hit the off switch, just as a large flame came up through the handle bars, catching the gas soaked air cleaners on fire.

Any THOUGHTS on why this happened. I was thinking it may have jumped time, but that would have ruined the engine and made much more noise. Also, I took off the timeing belt covers and they look fine. The engine is turning over no problem and I'm going to check compression. At this point, I think the internals are ok so I'm cleaning the burnt rubber out of the carb and am going to give it try starting it.

Anything else I should check or take into account? Thanks!

OH YEAH. None of the mechanics in my area want to touch the bike, so here I go. There were some posts in the past regarding someone having a manual. The one I downloaded had pages missing so if anyone has one to email or mail it would be much appreciated...

Thanks All,

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