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not much of a ride today...rode from barn to garage...

decided to install new left hand control, the one with the headlight off switch...then do a valve check...that i have not done in 21,000 miles...

the klr is pretty easy to work on, removed fairing, then little plastic wire harness protector...then just unpluggedleft hand control plug, removed from bars and hooked up new one. it was really that easy.

this switch has 3 positions for lights, all the way up runs all lights as usual, flip it to center position and run tail light only, flip it to bottom position and all lights are off.

even has this cool switch on back side of control, it's a flash to pass matter what position light switch is in, just press this button and it flashes high beam...nice.

had some running around to do, when i got dog was tryin to tell me to go lay on couch and drink beer, that pesky valve check can wait a little longer.

i agreed....i know i need to do it, but i lack the motivation to tear into a perfectly good running motorcycle...and i just know i will drop something down in there when i get it opened up.

we have a pretty good group of people here now, and 4 of u are on klr's, and i know 3 of em need valve checks...maybe we could get a tech day scheduled.

at least that way we could all stand around and point fingers and screw up or bikes at once....i am pretty good at dropping shit down inside motors...and i can snap a bolt off with the best of em.

i have the space, and the tools, but live about the farthest away, maybe somewhere around the bedford area....if not, thats cool...i can screw my bike up on my problem.
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