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Originally Posted by TooSlow4U
I had a guy approach me yesterday about purchasing, what he described, as a Honda XL250. He said it has turn signals, headlight, tail light & horn on it. He also said that he doesn't have a title for it. He doesn't have much more info about the bike as he just now picked it up. He mentioned that it's already had the police check done on the bike and that he got a bill of sale from the guy he bought it from and he'd give me one too if I wanted the bike.

My question is this... Does anyone here know what kind of ordeal it would be to get this thing titled in the state of IN with just a bill of sale? Would it be worth the hassle or just impossible? In the past, I've always had a clear title to work with and have never traveled down this road before.
If the VIN clears and you have a proper bill of sale filled out it's just a matter of taking that info to the DMV and applying for a lost title. There's a small fee and the usual waiting game, but after a few weeks you should be good to go.
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