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my own klrsday.

aint she purdy.... new clutch springs in, old ones still within spec after 24k.
plates luked like new, well almost

have ya ever put one of them little o-rings in the impeller bfor? if not, thar a mutha.

this next pic is what i did most of taday. gettin that shit off the cover was a bitch!!!! dunno what them japs put on the gaskets, buttfuk it sure was hard to get off.... almost 4 ours.

as fer as klrsday, mes dont care whar its at, maybes tpar or O....PAUL.....O...gots the heat and heat is ur friend. at my place, alls i have is sally mander, yah shes hot, but she sure makes ya stink when ya get close ta her.

we need ta get a list of what peeps are wantin ta do ta thar bikes so we have an idea of what ta bring or need.... and enuf time ta do it all.

beer, food and more beer is all i can think of rite now...

ur friend
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