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well, i did get off my ass and do the valve check...and adjust today.

turns out, 3 out of 4 were out of spec. both intakes were @ .002... spec for intake is .004-.008

one exh was @ .004 and the other @.005...spec for exh is .005-.010..

so, i knew i was in for a tear down, got everything apart and shims removed and while looking for my digital micrometer.....found these.

forgot all about these, several shims for old kz 900/1000 engines, guess what, they are same size.

my dog on me again, i know what she is saying here... bout time u got your human ass off that couch and got on these valves, they were TIGHT!!

got valve cover off, along with cam caps...i chose not to remove cams, or timing chain, looked to me like i could get shims out without having to retime engine.

once u get buckets spun around where gap is facing towards you, pry shim off bucket with small screwdriver...and snatch it out with tweezers...or magnet.

u can see gap here..

got hold of shim here..

got em all changed, and all are on loose side, with 2 on very loose side, one actually out of spec @.0115 (exh should be no more than .010)...but was as close as i could get...and figured as valve seats wear...clearance will tighten up and it should come in...i hope.

got er all back together, and she fired right up... .

she is clattering a bit, but i think it is better than being to tight, and am hoping it gets quieter as seats wear.

so, i got some spare shims if you guys need em at the tech day.
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