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Oil Cooler source...?

Originally Posted by Clayjars
I was watching the TW200 forum a while back and noticed one of the guys building an oil cooler adapter. I bought one and put it on my XT225. It works wonderfully. If that guy ever runs another batch I highly recommmend the mod.
Please give contact info. for the builder of the "life support" system for T-Dubs.

Even geared-down (58 tooth from 50 rear sprocket), so mine isn't lugging hard climbing over rocks and up steep hills, mine gets as hot as a forge.
Since oil capacity for stock motor is only ONE measly quart, greater oil capacity plus cooling has GOT to be a help keeping temperatures down to where the little mill will last longer and run better under extreme conditions.
My T-Dub will be dragging a light hack, and Frank COlver's two T-Dubs have been converted into 2 steerable wh. fwd. one wh. in rear trikes, and both his and my rigs are run at low speed where you don't have the benefit of alot of airflow over the engine, as well as pulling a heavy load.
This is SO ''needed" an accessory!

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