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Originally Posted by ShadyRascal
I have a counterflow, and it chills instantly, although the couple of batches I've done with it just weren't of the same quality as with my old immersion. Dunno if it's that, but it's the only thing I'd changed.

The immersion is simpler and easier to use anyway, and doesn't take that long to cool.
Could have something to do with all the cold break you're bringing into your fermenter now. Before, you were leaving it in the kettle. If you're making really hoppy beers, you lose lots of hop flavor through a counterflow if you're hopping towards the end of the boil. Most of the big guys that are making big hoppy beers are using a whirlpool or hop back for that reason. Just a couple thoughts. I tell you what, this whirlpool chilling method rocks. Love it.
Here's a link
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