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Originally Posted by DiscoDino
That tempest glove looks nice...what's the specs temperature/waterproof wise?
Hey DiscoDino,

Good Question - I am not sure if you saw, but I posted some hi-res shots recently of the REV'IT Tempest Glove and just wrote a great write-up after beating the hell out them. ;-) (link to Tempest review)

The short of it is that the Tempest is Waterproof and breathable by utilizing the REV'IT! Hydratex Z-liner which is sewn in to the glove. Not sure if you are familiar with Hydratex, but its a Gore-Tex like membrane that lets water vapor out and won't let any condensed water or precipitation in.

It passed WBW's bucket test, which is complete submerging underwater of a fixed length of time. I have not worn it in a monsoon, but I haven't seen or heard of any real problems from any customers yet.

From a Temperature standpoint, this is REV'IT's highest end bombproof, weatherproof winter glove - built for the nastiest of cold and precipitation.

Also, they use Exkin, the same insulation which is used in the Cayenne Pro and the other higher end items. Exkin is at least 4x the insulating rating while being half thick to maximize feel. The Tempests also use Schoeller PCM (Phase Change Matertial) which is a temperature regulation layer, in the glove, to absorb excess heat when your hands are warmer and release that stored heat when hands start to cool. Think of it as a thermostat membrane in the glove. It is not electrical in any way, it actually works through a chemical reaction in the PCM.

Bottom line: The Tempest eats cold weather's lunch. ;-)

I'm wearing the Tempests this winter and have been very happy. Their baby brother with some differences is the Kelvin is a very solid cold weather glove as well. We have both the Kelvin and the Tempests in stock at

I hope I answered your questions without getting too long winded. Let me know what else I could offer, Dino.


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