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Originally Posted by stroming it softly
I had my resurfacing done on the 29th of Dec., stayed in the rehab unit at the VA hospital for 10 days for intensive therapy, did not want to do it but am glad now I did as my progress has been rapid. The first couple of days after the surgery I remember laying there and thinking why the hell did I do this, I could have lived with the hip a few more years but once you get up and around things progress quickly and those thoughts go away. One of my pt's rides a Tuono also so we had a lot to talk about. Under three weeks of crutches left and hope to get on my CB160 by the end of March also get to start driving again next week. Hope to never go through something like this again, it has been a real eye opener for me as I have been healthy and very active my whole life--this sitting around gig isn't for me! Cheers

Congratulations on getting the surgery done!! You'll be amazed at how quickly you progress. I went from surgery on 5/29/08 to working at my "nasty physical labor" job on 8/25/08. As of New Year's Day, all of my restrictions are lifted, and UC Davis has released me. That's a full 5 months ahead of schedule, which still blows my mind. I've been riding a bicycle for the first time in years, and the normalcy with which I can now do everyday tasks is just plain wonderful. My wife and I have recently purchased new backpacks, and plan to get out a time or three this coming Summer.
Riding will be tremendous therapy for your head, as it represents a big step (no pun intended) in your recovery.
Keep us informed of how things are going, and please feel free to PM with any questions.
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