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Originally Posted by dakardad
As a Registered Nurse who works in the post surgical arena, I have to say that it seems from some of the posts that some people just got what was given to them. DONT DO THAT! Look, sometimes Doc's give what they have to offer without telling their patients what options may be available. You need to investigate your options. Not all top notch options are available everywhere but dont settle for less. Educate yourself! the net is a powerful tool, use it.
Good advice.

I had to fight for about a year to get my hip resurfaced, as my doctor was satisfied that a normal replacement would do the job. His staff drug their feet on getting me the referral to UC Davis that I'd requested, and it took a thunderous fit in his office one day after waiting 7 (!) weeks for it to finally go through. A 270-lb. man that's been in pain for almost 20 years can have a very persuasive effect on unmotivated office workers.
I spent quite a bit of time researching the resurfacing surgery and comparing it with the standard replacement and don't regret one single second of it.
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