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Wow, 6 chains in 52k? You're only averaging around 9k/chain? That's pretty bad. I've got 25k on the OEM chain on my 1250 and it still is in very good shape.

Yeah- my bike likes chains. I went the high buck Tsubaki top dog chain for 150+ dollars and kept it clean and religiously lubed- it lasted 12k. Then I tried running Parts Unlimited chain not worrying about keeping it clean or lubed, just not letting it go loose. It lasted 9k mile. Decided for my dollar, that was the way to go, even though it requires more work on my part. I have taken a few off early because they were getting a tight spot, and I was about to leave on a trip.
That being said, I know a guy who bought the same bike at the same time and he got almost 20k out of his chain- but he mostly just cruises with his daughter on the back.

It is funny- you talk to a dozen guys and you get a dozen different results. I have never had a rear tire last longer than 4200 miles on this bike- and I run sport touring rubber Bridgestone 020's ( a bunch) but will now have to find something else because they don't make them anymore. Admittedly, for several years there I rode pretty hard with the boys on the alphabet roads in WI (Mississippi bluff country) and that burns them up badly. Lots of throttle, and the road surface is sharp- they tar and rock most of those roads so the surface is pretty abrasive.

I tried a set of Tomahawk retread tires (insert laugh here) because I was taking a trip with friends down to the Carolina's and Outer Banks, and figured when I came back they would be done. I would not recommend to anyone. They seemed alright at first, and balanced out ok ( I do my own), but on the way home they felt funny, with a bad shudder at 90mph. I took them off and they were not nearly in balance anymore. A few of my friends call them "Trauma-Hawks"

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