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thought I would add that my bike is still very new with 40 miles on it it WILL start in the heat of the day today. took three tries due to the fact it is like 8 deg today. and that is going by "my" temp gauge not the internet or news. they say its actually only like 4 or something.

weird though is I had some oil drips on the pipe from places I can't see. (maybe 3-5 drips) nothing on the ground, but maybe I s hould not have started the bike. it looked like it was from around the resivor area, but couldnt' tell

I did go around the block in the snow and ice. yeah not the greatest with out studs, but was able to catch a light front tire fade out. luckily my foot didn't slip but anyway
just thought I would add on my bike did today. around the block yeahoo
Bike-less at the moment
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