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Originally Posted by Bloodweiser

Ok. I can see that its a valve.... but is it in a lathe or something? I don't recognize anything else in that photo
MeRide gets into it a bit here:

Originally Posted by MeRide
Oh boy.....someone has been posting classified photos again

SlipChip had it right. Its an engine valve being turned in a lathe. The third photo posted on the first page of this thread is the bike its going in. Restoration time. That bike was raced from 1967-1972 in Top Fuel class.

So, back in the day there weren't catalogs full of parts to buy for drag bikes. It was experimentation and lots of custom work. The racer that built that bike (the guy leaning over it in the photo) wanted big valves. More nitromethane and air in the more power. He bought used Manley stainless steel valves that the Top Fuel dragster racers burnt in their Chrysler 426 Hemi engines turned them down to 2 1/16" intake and 1 15/16" exhaust then cut down the stem length and recut the stems for the keepers. So, the same thing was done for the ongoing restoration. Lots of effort to make the resotration accurate and correct even though they'll never been seen.
My bad for bringing the bike up...somehow I got confused and thought Mark was done with this bike. Not quite the case yet. Guess this bike got him a little distracted. I can see why. If the images aren't there I'd be happy to host some for you Mark just to give a visual.

He does, however have some very interesting info related to the drag bike in trying to keep it 'period'.

Keep the drag bikes coming!
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