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I to am an engineer but in new product development in the oil industry. My concern was that the rollers would be proud of the machined wear surface thus causing higher contact pressure. Also the tips of the rollers if not sat properly would wear a ring in the cup.

Maybe I did over state thing a little. As you say catastrophic failure is not common and the main cause of failure of SHB's is mud, dirt and water ingress. However, the failure effect can be catastrophic. (I had a husaberg previously and the lower bearing siezed just enough on one roller to make it interesting). If you look at a worn SHB, you will see that the wear mark on the collar ring is periodic recessess where each roller rubs. As you have far less full lock turns than little adjustments, the recesses are of varying depth and this is the dangrous bit. Any looseness on the bearings due to wear or "bedding in" and you are in for a shaky ride.

My set up is from a KTM adventure S 950. I got the forks, axle and clamps, then a front wheel from a KTM SX, the steering axle from an SX, a generic brake caliper from Husabergs/KTM's and a Braking supermoto 320mm Rotor and Talon caliper bracket.

Pressed out the original steering axle and replaced with that of the SX due to length. Had to turn it down by about 1mm to accept the BMW bearings as KTM uses Imperial bearings that have a steeper taper. Bought a set of 950 wheel spacers and turned the left one down to fit the wheel.

I also had to mod the ignition lock slightly to fit on the KTM clamps. Bear in mind that if you raise the front up a bit, you will be putting more weight on the back of the bike. I had to drop the forks about 2" in the clamps to get the weight distribution just right. Next step is a 18" rear rim.

If you need any more info don't be afraid to ask.
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