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SHB and triple clamps:
The first challenge was to get the triples installed and functional. As Komatias noted, it is important that the bearing is not "proud" of the race and a “mix and match” approach to bearings and races is not generally recommended. In this situation it fits and its close...but close enough for this application IMHO. A KTM 525 bearing cap (left over from the 07 Dakar bike) fit nicely on the top and protected the bearings well...perhaps better than stock when combined with lots of grease worked in and around the sealing areas to keep the bad stuff out. Be sure you pack the bearings well…you can refer to “Garage Night” YouTube’s for more on that.

It should also be noted that the Yamaha triples have a 25mm offset vs the BMW 23mm. The BMW axle mount make up for this with a larger offset as compared to the Yamaha forks but in the end I will end up with 3mm more trail that the BMW OEM setup. has anybody else worked this calculation and has experienced a difference in handeling either good or bad, I would like to know. Again, this could easily corrected with after market axle or tripples.

The OEM fender was retained. This required that the bottom number plate taps be removed (cut off) from Yamaha triple clamp to allow the sub fender to go back far enough to align the bodywork. The fender was re drilled to mate to the clamp using some large washers. As it stands now, it’s about 10 mm forward of the OEM position relative to the steering stem. It looks good to me.

A bit of metal, about 5mm was trimmed from the sub frame (stamping, not tubing) that supports the front fairing and instruments. Just the corner of the stamping touched the forks when turned.

I think you get a bit more lock with the new stops on the Yamaha bottom clamp. I trimmed the hand guard mounting brackets down to make them clear the instruments at full lock as well.

Steering lock and key:
I decided not to maintain the lock and key system on the Yamaha top clamp for now. I never use the fork lock and don’t have keys on the rest of the dirt bikes and haven’t had issues yet. Keeping it would require significant machining so I didn’t think it would be worth it based on how I used the bike. This may be the biggest drawback to the Yamaha set-up unless you’re using aftermarket top triple-clamps that have a good flat-machined surface to clamp a sub assembly too securely. But you still have to make the subassembly to mount the OEM mechanism.

I went with MIL Spec 3 position toggle attached to a simple bracket that screws to the top clamp number plate 6mm threaded attach point. I extended the bracket past the attach point and kept it firmly against the clamp so it couldn’t rotate and through bolted the toggle switch. I may go the after market top clamp and integrate the lock at another time. Let me know if anyone needs the wiring diagram for the toggle mod.

Front wheel and brake:
The question seems to be Yamaha + aftermarket bolt-on approach for more $$ vs. machining special parts for less money with the OEM wheel and brake but a great deal more time involved.

Fork set-up:
I have been in contact with Cannon Race Craft and they will be shortening the forks by 1” and I will run them deeper into the clamps for the final ride height set up. I have the room with the bar risers. In the end they will be 1” longer than OEM Dakar forks. And depending on the 17” vs 18” rear wheel and sag measurements I may need the extra length. Cannon will also be re-valving the forks, new seals and wipers and making custom progressive springs set-up just for this application. They will be up around .80 but I don’t have the numbers yet and I won’t send out the forks until I get the front wheel/brake fitment resolved.

Rear suspension:
I will also send the stock shock out to Cannon for rework and possible a new spring. I want to maintain the remote preload adjuster.

Rear Wheel:
I believe that I will get an 18” laced to the OEM hub at the same time I do the shock to complete the transformation.

I am off to check the valves while it’s apart today but I will be back on the front wheel and brake conundrum later this weekend.

Hope this helps some of you that are contemplating such a change. Fire away with questions. I will try to get some pictures later as well.


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