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For the time being, anyway, we'll call this project "done." The fender is mounted.

Sure there will be some odds and ends done, but I've got a couple of KLR's to get ready for Spring sales...

For now though, the fender is mounted, and alignments and adjustments completed. I used Vernon's method for a "pre-alignment," then went back to my ole red-neck dirt trackin' days, of tweakin' till it feels good. So far no head shake, from idle up to 80mph. Completely neutral feel, no pull left or right, from 35-65mph.
I started with about 1/4" toe-in, and about 1/4" lean out.....who knows where it is now, cause once I start tweakin', and find a 'sweet spot," I could care less. Besides, the sweet spot for this rig would never be the same for an identical twin....

But as for all the hoopla haw about too many heims..... this ain't my first rodeo, and I am familiar with "heim slack." But this little jewel, installed in an entirely different plane, from hack attachment, and strut rods, is used to "load" all the heims to remove that slack, after any adjustments have been made.... works like a charm.

Was also a good place to tie off my battery cables coming to the "box," and the enclosed 35ah battery.

As to square steel tubing, again, I've been quiet, till I could show it's merits. 1/8" wall thickness, as I used, is a MINIMUM. 1 & 1/4" square for main structural strength, again, I would consider as minimum, and 1" square, only for sub-structure. 1/4" plate far all stressed mounting points. DOM tubing .083" - .125" wall thickness, again for stressed structure. And yes, shamefully, schedule 40 pipe, for "hand holds...." Grade 8, or comparable strength metric fastners where needed.

This hack actually is too light, and would have been better if built from heavier materials. Though not from a strength stand point, but mainly from a low speed handling point. The next rig will be 2" square, .250" wall thickness. light is too light..... wheel, tire, battery, frame, shocks, exhaust....everything to the right of the sub frame.... how about 142lbs ?
Yup, that's it. Tools, rope puller, spare gas, et al, are a coming!

My advice on building hacks... if you don't have vast experience with structure fab, and material strengths, then listen to the experts like Claude. Knowledge such as his will, and IS, priceless to noob builders. Don't let noob enthusiasm, and a less than satisfactory budget, lead you into a sub-standard build. Either "over" build, or listen to the 'sperts. Leave the 'sprimenting, and "border-line" building to them what beeen there, done that, till you've paid some dues...

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