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Originally Posted by rah
after doing 40,000 miles on a 950 a TeeDub 200 came into my clutches. loved it so much i bought a 2nd one. yeah, a 250 this or a 450 that is better at doing most things if you want to do them faster. but a 200 is going back to basics. calm. cheap. chilled. brilliant. on the highway you move over to the slow lane and stop worrying about buffeting and tinitis. the price of maintenance and gas becomes irrelevant. ride up steep dunes at walking pace, if you get stuck you put your foot down and push it out. lift the bike out with one hand. put it on a trailer without using the ramp. lend it to anyone. teach anyone to ride. anywhere.

there are folk who have been 500 miles a day for 7 days on these things. iron butt without an offensive carbon foot/bum print. and they see so much more of the places they're travelling through.

a lot has been said about the tyres: yes the make the steering a little slower, they're not good for winning a motocross event. but they are good for gentle, slow rides through very sandy jeep tracks, impressively steep dunes; paths that tighten your sphincter on a 950 become non events on the teedub.

a few teedub riders mention the lack of power, shortage of suspension etc. imho they're all missing the point. it has as much power/suspension as it has and you do with that what you can; which is almost everything. here is a bike that, with minimum skill, you can use all of and concentrate on where you're going rather how fast you can get there.

lovely bike that comes with a free change of attitude, for the better.

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