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I've owned a Kermit, a Pico, and several $5-$10 chairs. The one I favor and use the most is my infateable Crazy Creek airchair. The one I have isn't the longback as shown below, don't believe they make it anymore. The longback can only be much better.

Iv'e had mine for over two years now and bought it on hunch thinking it would work out GREAT if it fit in one of my side bags. Deflated, rolled up, and in it sack it fits nice in the lid of one Jesse bag. Green bag is the chair.

Would not be a problem getting 2 of them in the lid. When camping there is alway some sort of picnic table and its nice to have something that not only insulates from the cold but is comfortable in the heat too. Put it down on top of one of those $5 chairs and you've got one comfortable insulated place for the evening.

I thought of getting one of those things that converts my Big Agus air mattress to a chair but would rather not risk a hole and giving up a good nights sleep.
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