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JD- I have a fork sitting waiting for this. I even bought a Yamie brake system, but do not what to use it after looking at it and the smallish rotor. I would love to be in on this- please count me in! Let me know what ya need from me.


Originally Posted by JDRadman
This project is going pretty well so far. I have the forks mounted and the axle modified to accept the BMW OEM wheel and rotor. I am working on machining a new hanger to utilize the BMW OEM caliper and it looks like I may go to a local machine shop to get this done.

Here is the logic behind using the OEM caliper. Most of the off-road kits for the Yamaha are 270mm and 3mm thick. SM type are 320MM but still 3mm thick. I think that may be a bit fragile for the application on a 400lb bike. The costs are running between $250 to $300 using the Yamaha OEM caliper. None of the Yamaha aftermarket stuff is as tuff as the 300mm X 4.5mm OEM an the matching caliper. It is the difference between designs for a 200lb vs 400lb bike.

If I were to develop axel, spacers and hanger models to have them manufactured in a quantity of 5 or so, it would be more affordable for all parties involved. The more we make the cheaper it gets. Otherwise, I do a one-off design and manually machine the parts.

This works for me but its very labor intensive to manufacture a second one and it cost the same each time. I won't be doing this again anytime soon.

Here is the cost of my project so far:
Forks and triple $ 150
Toggle switch $ 30
Springs/re-valve $ 400
axle $ n/c
Hanger ????

Let me know if you’re interested, (everything shared at cost) and I will look into the cost issues later this week.
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