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Laugh Titanium or Unobtanium, that is the question...

Originally Posted by GS Addict
Sat in a Kermit and yes it's very comfortable, but at $130 too rich for me. If it packed smaller you might rekindle my interest.

What we really need is the Kermit comfort/design in a Titanium frame that will bundle down to 3x3x22" or smaller.
And THAT boys and girls is the best damn idea to come out of this whole thread so far. I like my Kermit but don't use it when I ride on two wheels. On three yes, but there's not enough room on the Ninja. As far as what they cost it's definitely a subjective matter and I expect anyone on this forum could afford one if they so chose. Class, whatever the hell that is, really doesn't have squat to do with it. I'm going to buy one of the GCI sling chairs just to try it out. If I don't like it or it hurts my tender butt I'll add it to the collection of useless hardware in the garage and my kids can deal with it when I croak.

Sure would like to see the Kermit guys do the Titanium frame thing though...
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