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To start with i have to say that my language skills are limited when it comes to grammar and spelling, so if you hate bad grammar and poor spelling stop reading.

I have been riding an 1997 model dr650 for the past 1.5 years, as soon as i got it i started tinkering with it and i got it to a stage where i was fairly happy with it and confident that i could take it on long trips.

Unfortunatly I killed the gear box during a two day enduro/navigation ride.
The bike made it through both days and has done a further few thousand kilometers since but it is making a very nasty clunking noise in third gear.

The bike has over a one hundred thousand kilometers on the clock so instead of throwing money at the gearbox problem i decided to by another one.

With in a week i found one 30mins down the road from where i live, it is a 2002 model with 13000 on the clock and it cost me $1500(Australian) i got it cheap because it also had a few problems, the first on was that it would only run for 30 secs before spitting and coffing to a stop, second it jumped out of second gear every so often, third it had a small oil leak on the bottom of the crank case and forth it is yellow.

First problem was solved by throwing the fuel filter in the carb away after i did that it ran fine.
Second problem didn't seem to be a problem really, when riding the bike you just had to make sure you put it in second gear properly.
The oil leak is a bit more serious, there is a welded up crack on the rear of the crank case which seemed to be leaking.
I'll deal with the yellow at a later date.

here are the two bike's

here is the weld
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