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Originally Posted by claude
Looks good Kliff!

You may want to consider still using the 1/8" wall material if you plan to stick with square stock and then just plating the frame for additional weight if felt needed. That way you can still end up with a very strong assembly but will be abel to distribute the weight around as needed. Ballast if desired can be bolted to the plate to the rear or anywhere you see fit.

You had mentioned about criticism related to using all the heim ends. I may have been guilty of that one :-)

YOU are right in sdaying that if all the hookups are angled in such a way as to prevent any unwanted rotation within the heim ends you will be okay. I would ,however, make it a point to either sandwich the heims within two bracket members( The two main 3/4" attaching heims are sanwiched between 1/4" steel plate mounts) or at least add a large dismeter washer on th eside of the heim away from a singel bracket. I have seen the center of heim ends pull out of their socket if overstressed to the side(All the other heims used in this construction are stressed about 95%, in a linear pull or compression manner. The washers would be good precaution for a "twisting" load, but not entirely necessary on a linear load.). A large washer will at least keep the things from creating a total failure. Not my first rodeao either
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Great looking outfit Kliff....keep us posted.
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