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Originally Posted by cat
I charged the battery [of my R100GS] and rode about 50 miles. Two days later, it wouldn't start. It sounded like the battery was flat again, so I charged it again, and attached the battery ground cable to the gearbox instead of to the powder-coated frame where the previous owner had put it. It still wouldn't start - it sounded like the starter wasn't turning enough, like the battery was still weak. So I jumpered it from the car, it still wouldn't start but then, instead of the starter turning, it made a loud clacking sound. What have I fried? The starter solenoid? I think I have to take out the starter and check it out - probably get it rebuilt...?
I was going to put on the kickstart to see if the engine was turning over ok, but I found that I didn't have the bolt to attach it.
Any Advice Welcome. ;-)
it sounds like the Bendix spring is working, but I am no expert. Good luck I am sure that somebody on line will put you strait
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Well it was a car this time #L/tib & fib in the same place as the previous F wit crushed it
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