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Don't tempt me. I have been avoiding the ATK/Cannondale's.

The Subframe is reinforced at the forward bolt with a plate. The Pannier mount also has a lower link that goes from the lower front corner to the lower subframe to main frame mount that transfers a part of the load down and forward. Counting these two mounts the pannier frame attaches at eight points and it also reinforces the Aluminum subframe too. By using the .065 wall Stainless instead of Carbon steel I ended up with a rack that only weighs 15lbs but can support 25lbs per can (I probably had more in it last trip) plus the added fuel on the LH side. Bike weighs in at 330lbs in a certified scale with both tanks full and the hard cans mounted but empty.

I think it got up to 18deg F today, I might just rid to work tomarrow...
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