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thanks, guys.

> Check the attachment points on the starter and
> where they bolt to the solenoid and/or frame.

i'll probably only be able to get to that on Saturday.

> The solenoid is clicking because there isn't enough
> power being sent to it to operate it correctly

the clacking only started after I tried the car battery. before that, it just sounded like a flat battery.

> the reason may be a bad battery, but it may be a
> good battery, with poor cables unable to transfer
> its power to the solenoid...

i think the battery's ok, because it's showing 12.6 V, but then i don't know what happens to that 12.6 when i hit the starter button. i should try that.

> What you can do is put the bike in top gear, bike on centre
> stand and turn the engine over using the rear wheel - this will
> confirm that the motor is not seized.

damn!, why didn't i think of that. :-' i'll do it tonight.

> If you can get the battery checked - it is probably ok. If it
> is the starter motor - you will need to disassemble it - do a
> search.

i've read all those articles. (it's the Valeo.)
talking to my friend last night,... he fixed his Valeo starter so it'll never give those magnet problems again. the snowbum article - he mentions his concern about the epoxy adhesive in a high heat situation. my friend made little aluminium "braces" with a chamfer to hold the magnets in place, so they're all kept apart in their right places ...and he glued them with brake bonding adhesive and took it to the brake bonding place to bake in their oven ... then put it in the lathe and turned down the protruding aluminium "braces". (i know that's not so clear, but people who've worked on the Valeo starters will probably get the idea.)
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