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I've ended up with a combination of both subframes. I had to push the shock off center a little since it doesn't have a remote gas thingy..can't think of what they call em. The CR subframe is tweeked a little so the plan was to make the fender look right over the rear tire and get the seat centered on the tank, a shim here and there and a ratchet strap to tug things over and I've got this tacked together.

I've got a bunch of tube to put in yet with plenty of triangulation to tie things together. Lots of finish welding to do and gussets here and there. I tend to overkill things when it comes to safety.

The hardest part of the project is coming soon...I've got to build a jackshaft to get power from the wide engine to the narrow swingarm.

I made some new tabs to mount the gas tank since the shock took over the area where the tank was mounted.

I trimmed the number plates and got them mounted. Seat height is now at 39", with gas in it and me on it I should be able to sag it down to to 37" or so. I won't be able to flat foot it, but close enough is ok for me. Right now I'm at 200 pounds on the front and 190 on the rear. I'm trying to keep it under 450lbs's gonna be close.

This is the basic shape of things.

I've got a hoop to add to the back of the subframe with a tab to help stabilize the rear fender. I made a big push to get thru mock-up yesterday so my buddy Matt can have everything for paint. He's teaching himself to airbrush so I'm going to get some at cost paint jobs for him to learn on. He wants to repaint the Bandit a few times to try stuff out. We're going with something like this for the first version:

I'll update in a few days as I get some more done to it. I've managed to not spend any money up to now, but I'm gonna have to break down and buy some taller bars, blinkers, Baja Designs tail light and plate mount and some bark busters. The wheels are trashed on the donor, so I'm going to get some Warp 9 rims to lace up.
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