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Originally Posted by Dan Alexander
Cumberland ferry is open all year. For guys coming from the east there's also a new ferry near Rockland that said they would be open all year but I haven't tried it yet.

Straight north of there is Papineau-Labelle Nature Reserve.

I did a couple of exploratory rides in there last year and there is a ton of dirt riding to be done in there. I hear something like a thousand miles of trails from easy gravel raods to really knarly looking stuff. I got cold feet being on the big GS and trying some of the smaller trails so I'm looking for something smaller this year. ATV's are not allowed in there, not like the Larose Forest so it's hunters, fishermen and loggers.

Keep the thread going and I'll join you guys for some of those Saturday rides

Thanks for the linky's. Ill have to explore that part of PQ as I normally roll around the Rouge/148/Pine hill area.
I have to tell you I am getting pretty antsy (as I always do in Feb) but more so now as the ice has left my road and I couldnt give a shit about getting the bike filthy (Hard to do with my Bonneville as it was too sweet to get full of shit and corruption)
I fired it up and popped through some gears.. I also made it legal like as I got my plates and insurance up to snuff.
Just maybe, winter has said adieu? (yeah I know I just f***** it for all of us for another 2 months! )
"Best thing though, is I can just sit and stare at it with a big fat cigar in my yap and have that shit eatin grin.."
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