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Thanks for posting Rob. Nice little tool at 6 pounds/15" and could be used for multiple jobs on a trip and around a camp site.
Some of these posters crying too much weight have never been on a long trip is my guess. It gets old after a while when your're nearing age 60 to 'rough it.' I'd take along the jack. We take two folding arm chairs, two cook stoves, two sleeping pads, a set of sheets, a down comforter, a king pillow, a gas light, a few pans and plates, tent, food, tools and a WHOLE bunch of stuff not mentioned! Of course we have two bikes. After about your 8th week on the road and in the middle of Labrador it's nice to have all your 'stuff,' especially if you are with the Mrs and she is carrying her half! On one of our trips I laughed at a guys 'folding saw' he proudly produced from his panniers. That night we had a really nice fire and I thought about getting a folding saw. Pedro laughed at Colleen's 'French press', but he was first in line for a cup of coffee in the morning! Sitting on a rock or damp ground is fine I guess, but my arm chair is better. I weighed all of my 'stuff' including the panniers...72 pounds...that's less than half the weight of most passengers. Good idea Rob.

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