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Originally Posted by VetMXR
Okay, I'm a new GPS user, so I'm trying to learn here. I recently picked up a Garmin GPSMap 60cx for use when dual sport riding. I have the basemap software that came with the unit, as well as Topo USA 2008 and City Navigator North America 2009. Which mapset is best for use on the GPS for creating custom routes? I plan on riding the Michigan MCCCT this spring, have some of the routes downloaded, but I'm not sure which mapset I am suppose to be using for off-road trails. Thanks.
You can't have overlapping mapping for areas, which you seem to know.

So the answer is you need to do a computer map recce of whatever route you plan on taking and see which mapping is superior for your needs. If the Topo USA has enough street detail in it for you, then it will probably be the better choice. Topo USA has a fair amount of tar mapping in towns as well, but City Navigator can't say the same about the mapping it provides for back country roads. Shouldn't take you long comparing them on your computer to decide which set of maps will be best for your intended ride.
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