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Originally Posted by donnyh
I have one more gun on order, I hope it actually ships someday, a Kel-Tec Sub 2000 with the Glock 17 grip, it uses the same Glock mags as the model 34.

I'm also waiting on some Glock magazines, 4 17-round and 4 33-round.
I talked to the shop where I placed the order, Glock magazines aren't expected in for at least another two months, even longer for the Kel-Tec since there's a bunch of orders in front of me.

So I cancelled the order, and 1/2 an hour later I bought the Kel-Tec and magazines off of gunbroker.

I now have everything I've wanted off my the basic need-this-gun list, now I'm moving on to the dream list, starting with suppressed .22lr.

I hear the ATF wait for suppressor tax stamps is running 2-3 months.

AmmoWatch2009 update: The shortage is getting worse, not better, prices keep rising.

Northern Utah: Shotgun shells in hunting sizes are now plentiful, along with high end rifle hunting ammo, but everything else is scarce, particularly bulk and self-defense rounds in any caliber.
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