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Originally Posted by RipperFox
I want to go riding this week-end. DS, trails, whatever.

I have some places I go, but wouldnt mind learning some new ones.

I can go anytime from Thurs thru Sun evening.

Western Ark, or anywhere in OK.

I got an extra sticker if you want to try out Stillwater 500.
I want to map out some new trails in Kinta if anyone is up for that.
Gruber, Mill Creek, Wolf Pen, Clayton, Scipio, I'm game.
Hmm. Gimme some preferred options... I'm up for anything (minimal slab) and located in T-town. Available on Sunday only, so factor in as much bang for my buck. Thanks.

BTW- I could always trailer someplace too.

Edit: I could possibly do Friday instead of Sunday, but I won't know for sure until Thursday night.
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