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Originally Posted by Gravity's Dog
205 story -

1986 was the year I first "caught air" with a motorized vehicle. An '85 (maybe older) Dodge 13 passenger van. My dad had bought it from a car service. It was on a 1/2 ton frame that sagged on the driver's side 'cause the chauffeur was a fat guy. Like really, really fat. The van was blue and white. I took it over a hump in the road going way too fast. I was on a date with one of the nicest girls I knew. She was not impressed and dumped me. Almost putting her through the windshield of my dad's van on our first date was probably only part of it. Right through the passenger's side. From the inside out. Which was cool with me, 'cause I married her best friend about 7 years later, which was kinda my plan all along. Seriously. Including the air. The van was never the same. It was better. We called it Orca.

edit -

Like this '82 but with a blue strip and blue roof -

edit - I looked like InfoManiac's avatar at the time.
I like that story.
A bunch of us guys got 65 ford econolines when I was going to school becuase that's what the phone company was getting rid of. 'Cept I got one of the 1/4 ton pickups. We were getting 'em to carry our surfboards to the beach and I thought the pick up would be better and different. Then I found out that the vans could do double duty as a place to neck with your sweetie. Man I was such a dork-o-potomus. So I traded the pick up for a VW bug with a rack on top. That didn't work any better but it was cheaper to keep running.
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