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Kinta is cool with me. I want to scout out some more trails for the quad trips we take down there. I'm on the XR650L so we are riding similar. I'm a 4wheeler/crotchrocket jocket turned DS rider. Very new to the DS scene. So you will we waiting on me...I get there, just slow on steep hills and rocks.

You can trailer over to my place, or meet me in Muskogee, or ride over and trailer up with me, I just got the old beat up pick up and the trailer, so no luxury ride from here. Got straps and all so do worry bout that if you decided to just ride over.

Kinta can be just about anything you want it to be. Dual Sport, woods trails, rock climb (which I aint good at). There is water crossings so I always take extra shoes and socks.

Gas, food, water aint too far.

I got GPS, and have ridden it before. So getting lost aint a factor.

As for "crapping out" on Friday, thats cool. I'll just ride the street bike over to Ark. and bald the back tire .
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