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Sorry this took so long to reply to. Note: It's been years since I worked on one of these>> Find an inductive pickup timing light and clamp it on the spark plug wire (There should be an arrow on the pickup which aims towards the spark plug) and hook it to 12 volts. Remove the left engine cover , start the engine and shine the light at the flywheel. The light should be lighting up the "F" mark on the rotating flywheel and it should be aligned with the stationary mark on the engine. Unfortunatly I can't remember if that model has an advancer built into the flywheel or not. If it does there will be two more marks about 15-20 degrees clockwise of the "f" mark on the flywheel that will rotate to line up with the stationary mark on the engine case when you rev the engine. I hope you are running an air filter on this. Some models will not run correctly without one. What color is the spark plug when you pull it after running it with the choke on? Dave

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Hmm, good point, ive seen this before - can you give me the high level view on what to look for - or can you point me in the right direction - I wouldnt mind giving it a try.
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