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Originally Posted by CL204
The question is this: Can the rear drum be swaped out for a disk??? Perhaps one from a Super Sherpa???
you'd have to come up with a way to mount the caliper to the swingarm, a way to mount the master cylinder on the frame, and a new wheel to mount the rotor. anything's possible... it's just a matter of how much time and money you want to invest.

i think i've seen one person who upgraded a 600 to a rear disk brake.

never heard of anyone doing it on the 250.

if you want more brakes, you can put 650 forks on the bike, including the 650 caliper and rotor which is larger than the 250 rotor. if you use a 600 triple clamp it's a bolt on job, otherwise you have to swap the stem from the 250 triples into the 650 lower triple and then modify it to mount the fairing.

i have a thread on the 650 fork swap in the 250 section at while the 650's stock brakes and fork springs are too weak on the 650, they are about right on a bike that's at least #80 lighter.

while 250 parts are hard to find compared to the 650, Super Sherpa parts are even scarcer.

no clue if the Super Sherpa and KLR 250 swingarms are interchangeable.
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