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No offense taken bro

Originally Posted by LeeMan
(No offense Vermin Ė you and Cack look real sweet together)

Long story short Ė over the winter Iíve put 3,000 miles riding the PC in temps down to 15 degrees (full Gerbing gear of course) and the bike is the best commuter Iíve ever owned. Iím 6í2Ē and 210 lbs so I added a taller/wider Clearview windscreen and had the seat firmed up by Sargent. No final drive issues, no snatchy throttle, FI or mapping issues (carbs), no electrical or mechanical issues and very little maintenance (replaced two plugs and then read in the manual that there were two more Ė go figure). Even with the 13 year old battery, it starts right up in cold weather and itíll purr along at 60 mph turning 4,000 rpm all day long. No burnouts, no wheelies, no peg scrapping, no young chicks waving at me Ė no problem, Iím 54 and I really enjoy riding the GIRLY bikeÖ...the Tigerís pissed
The old faithfull PC can really grow on a feller caint it? I have a zook weestrom in the garage and cack in the weeds in alaska and I hate to say it I wish the sitchu was reversed. I had to replace the chain and sprockets on the strom grrrrrr.

By the way does anyone remember if I put water or antifreeze in the Cack before I parked it In anchorage? I am also looking for creative ways to retrieve it if'n anyone wants to go get it and bring it back. I did put stabil in it and rat poison.

hugs and kisses from the Tupperware Terminator

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