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Originally Posted by Aries71
Well that's just it, we don't have too many of these around here, so when you see one it's enough to make you kiss the back of a semi if you're not careful LOL!!!! (thank goodness for ABS on that one!). Unfortunately we are not blessed like you guys in California where they seem to grow on trees...or out of the sandy beaches!!

Back to bikes; it's good to hear that there is quite a bit of adjustment possibilities available, I'm not very familiar with USD forks so that's why all the questions and also I want to do this only once and make sure it'll fit my riding.
I like your write up Rad, very informative.

Hey...what about steering stops? what did you do? Or did you bother? I know, I just don't shut up with the questions, but good info is hard to come by on this subject even at the Chain Gang.

Just used the stock steering stops.

The guys on would rather talk about what to do and never do it, but have all of the answers in the world Those guys should ride more and write less, then they might have some worthwhile opinions. That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it
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