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Originally Posted by XPADREX
I gad GTA IV on order. 20 minutes later, I loaned it to a friend.

Free advice: pick up a used copy of Gears of War. I grew addicted to the online, playing two or three hours a night. Had 64 people on my Live friends list who also were into team play- it was awesome. Stood in line for Gears 2, which isn't so awesome for online play.

People now seem to use their XBOX as a Netflix player.

I'm currently playing Dead Space, which is pretty good- very Half Life 2-esque.

I still love to get on and play Gears 1 online, though. A lot.
I had gears of war. Fantastic game, but I don't play often enough anymore (I still enjoy playing) and am too cheap of a bastard to pay for XBOX online, it was too short of a game after I played it through a couple of times. I sold it a few months ago so I could get L4D.

Dead space looks really cool though!

Originally Posted by XPADREX
BTW- I've been hitting up Gamestop for a host of used games- I'm much more forgiving anymore when they cost me $20 - $30 rather than $60.
I was doing that for a while about a year ago. I'd get onto amazon and spend maybe $30 on 10 games for PS2 or N64 that I could never afford when they came out.
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