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Originally Posted by Charla
Ben is pretty picky about the games he will play. He liked Fallout 3 as much as I did, but he's not so hot on the full on shooter games like Halo.

I picked up a used copy of Mass Effect and he's enjoying that but it's a little sterile. He likes the combo Role Play & Shooter style but prefers killing aliens and mutants rather than humans, unless they're really evil humans.

Anyone have any suggestions for other titles he might like?

There's a lot of puzzle solving as well as shooting of aliens in Dead Space- but it's a bit much for young kids. My 11 year-old I deemed okay to watch me play. He's a great helper as we solve quests. I'm realy liking it, though- we play it as a team. It's probably more fun for me with the controlled than him, but we have a ball. He has his own games, dammit!

I'm going to have to checkout Fallout 3 now.
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