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Originally Posted by AgE
I got the route onto my GPS unit but I'm not quite sure how to pull it up to view it? It just said it sent the route and then nothing. I looked in favorites and nothing is there. I did disable waypoints though but if I enable them then it sends every single waypoint as a separate location into my Favorites folder. Not only is in non-continous (would have to navigate to each individual waypoint as a seperate destination) but it clutters up the folder (and is a bitch to clean up!). Any ideas as to what I'm doing wrong? I have the Nuvi 200 which has City Navigator as far as I can tell.

A clue can be found here:

"Routes: 0"

You can't load a custom route to a Nuvi 200. All it can do is take you to one of your waypoints ("favorites"). It's loading all of the points of your route as individual favorites.

Pretty useless GPS IMHO. Give it to your wife and buy something else
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